Silver to Gold is a movement that exists to inspire people to fulfill their God-given destinies from a place of living in God's presence. Under this umbrella are Destiny House and The Carrie Judd Montgomery Project.

Destiny House

Raising up a community of worshipers to release healing, blessing, and breakthrough into destiny for leaders and missionaries. We also want to help launch leaders to start their own healing, glory, or missionary blessing homes centered around worship.

Carrie Judd Montgomery Project

Recovering Carrie Judd Montgomery's  legacy to inspire hunger for more of the Holy Spirit. This includes annual Healing and Revival Retreats at the 1st healing home, Home of Peace, as well as recapturing revival history for future generations.

*We are currently taking applications for Destiny House for the Summer/Fall 2014-2015 for those interested in being a part of launching their own glory/community/worship house, healing home, or place of rest for missionaries. We are also receiving interns and volunteers. Space is limited. See getting involved or contact us at info@silvertogold.com